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En este año 2013, participamos en la Location Intelligence and Oracle Spatial and Graph User Conference, donde se dieron cita renombradas personalidades y empresas en el ambito de la Localizacion Inteligente.

En 2013, Directions Magazine y Oracle están colaborando para ofrecer eventos consecutivos durante dos días en Washington, DC. En primer lugar, el 21 de mayo tuvo lugar la Conferencia sobre Localización Inteligente de Directions Magazine donde se ofrecio un programa multi-pista para explorar las últimas tendencias del sector. Luego, el 22 de mayo, el Oracle Spatial y Graph User Conference ofrecieron un día de inmersiones técnicas profundas mostrando casos en torno a las tecnologías espaciales de Oracle. Este evento se celebro en el Edificio Ronald Reagan y Centro de Comercio Internacional en Washington, DC, 

Conferencias sobre Localizacion Inteligente:

Accurately Quantifying Hazard Risk at the Property Level
Advanced Location Intelligence for Retail: from Geographic to Indoor Analysis
Applying Location Analysis to the Merger of Medical Practices
Building solutions with open source software
Clouds, Crowds and Traffic: The Internet of the Automobile
Dealing with diversity, volatility and scale in SoLoMo applications indoors
Driven by Data:  The Internet of the Automobile
Empowering Field Tacticians with Open Data
Geo-marketing Solutions for Latin American Market
Geospatial Revolution: Advanced Technology for Collecting, Assessing, and Maintaining Project Data
Geotagging Unstructured Big Data using Open Source Tools
Getting Location Savvy with Hybrid Location and Real-time Analytics
Harvesting Intelligence from Social Media Through GeoSocial Analysis
How Content Publishers are Justifying Higher CPM Rates Using Location Intelligence Data
How Mobile Health and Indoor Location Unlock Value in Healthcare
Intelligent Contextual Interaction Unlocking Innovation
Location Analytics for Advertising and Marketing
Location Analytics in 2013 - Driving B/I Growth
Location Analytics: Facts and Reality
Location Intelligence in Global Development
Low Cost Terrain-based Analysis in Site Planning
Mobile Indoor Location
Mobile Location Analytics
Mobile Location Intelligence
Mobility: How location intelligence is moving outside the office to become an enterprise productivity tool
Open Source GeoSpatial Applications and Oracle Spatial and BPM Suite to modernize and streamline the federal environmental permitting process of the Brazilian Institute of Environment
Operational GIS: Driving Place-based Insights for Business Analytics
Outdoor Navigation and Location Apps
Put Proximity to Work: Localize Your Revenue
Real-time Big Data Analytics for Geospatial Applications and Services
Real-time decision making: Leveraging Location Economics for better risk evaluation
See your organization’s performance as it really happens: on a map
Solving the Issue of Location Data Quality
The Emergence of Anonymous Personalization
Turning Data into a Business Advantage
US Congress Members Visualize Voters
Use of Spatial Visualization Techniques in Analyzing Customer Transaction Data in Banking Industry
Using Maps for BI Analysis at the USDA
Welcome to the Cloud GIS Era: The New Rules for Mapping Success

Conferencias sobre Oracle Spatial and Graph User:

Automated Event Geolocation using Oracle Spatial and Graph at Nevada DOT
Centralized Parcel and Address Management using Spatial and Workspace Manager Technologies from Oracle
CSX Enterprise Rail Network:  Implementation of Oracle’s Spatial Geocoding, Routing and Network Data Model
Detecting Property Change in a Spatial World: A Unique Parcel ID Implementation
Geo-Analytics in the Cloud - A Case Study with Bright House and ElementOne
Global Agricultural Production Monitoring and Analysis at USDA using OBIEE and Oracle Spatial
Implementing Enterprise GIS at Southern California Edison – Challenges and Opportunities
Integrated e-Cadastre system for the South African Government
Location Intelligence Gains More Insights with Indoor Analysis for Retail
Location Intelligence in Healthcare and Finance:  Case Studies from Brazil
Scaling Imagery Inventory Management in a Big Data Context
Sustainable Building at LA Community College District using BIM, SmartBuilding, IFC, and Oracle Spatial and Graph












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